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Review Update 2019:
Development appears abandoned/halted, last update 2016-12-06, last community contact 2017-04-20. Developer's reddit-account was alive 2019-02-20. Apps is seems to have some issues but works to some extent, judging by the two positive reviews from July 2019. The fact that Google+ (link defunct)** was discontinued likely also impacted negatively on accessibility.

A 3D virtual tabletop that actually looks like a real one.

  • 3D just like gaming on a real table.
  • Stand your miniatures up to fight.
  • View the tabletop from the 3 different angles, including top-down and "over the shoulder".
  • Play on your web browser on PC, Mac or iPad.
  • 3D terrain to get the full exploration experience.
  • Great for pen and paper tabletop rpg gaming like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Pathfinder, and other role playing games


  • Without Subscription, Free
  • Subscriber, $4.99 / month (unclear if this still is available)
  • info



You can try it online right now, google account required: 3DVTT Online


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