Bag of Mapping

Bag of Mapping is a virtual tabletop that focuses on ease of use. It is meant to enable online game play of many popular role playing games (D&D 5e, Pathfinder 2e, etc).

The main goal is for the dm to get a map up as quickly as possible. No login is required and players can add their own tokens to help speed things up. We focus on ease of use to really minimize the learning curve as much as possible. We try to keep it simple, free to play, and just the right amount of features.



  • Fastest Map setup to actually start playing
  • Distance Tracking (measuring every time you move a token)
  • Battle Tracking (including Initative tracking, HP, conditions, effects, and spells / area effects)
  • Fog of War (very simple to setup, and works on mobile)
  • Tokenless design - use monster / hero images and Bag of Mapping will help you setup the token, players then can view a handout of the monster or hero built in


  • Free to play
  • Subscription $2 (adds a monster compendium for DM's to add convenience, and claimed tokens for players to make it easier to move from map to map with the same actions / hp / etc)


  • Web based
  • Works on mobile devices or desktop