Digitald20 Table

It's a free software project, you can find the code on github, please collaborate and make it great, or just install your own private version on heroku.
It is focused on simple drag and drop, with no mechanics because it is linked with dndbeyond through a chrome extension.
You do not need to login or register to Start, just share a link with your friends.

It supports:

  • Backgrounds, tokens, and hit points.
  • Initiative tracker
  • Players Assets
  • Nice dices.
  • Fog of War
  • Distance measure
  • Animated Backgrounds
  • Music & effects list
  • Seamless integration with dndbeyond, and adding content is TRIVIAL.

You can try and use it without limitations on

Moving it's great

  • Background map, it's always fixed and you cannot loose it. Tokens, have either fixed or variable size.
  • You move with drag and drop, and zoom with the wheel.

The main idea of using it is the following:

  • You look an image you like on any web page you right click and "copy image link".
  • You go to the board, and copy it.
  • You can also CUTE+PASTE on the board.
  • You can convert it on a token, the background or and Asset for the players.
  • If it is the *background*, then you need set the "tile size" that its the size of a medium token. That way you will not need to take care of the size of the tokens, you just say if its medium, large, huge etc…
  • It works perfectly with dropbox in order to use your own Assets

The dice are powerful:

  • Each user has it's own color.
  • When rolling several d20, each one will have a slight different color to differentiate without reading the chat.
  • You can create rolls like: 1d20+5 1d8+4 1d20+5 1d8+1, and will calculate to hit attacks and two damage rolls, color of the dice will indicate witch attack roll goes with each damage roll.

It has some unique features like:

  • Tracking damage it's great, Just click on the token, no need to add popup windows.
  • Also conditions, are shown as small color change with double click.
  • With CTR+CLICK you get the sheet of the NPC.
  • Player Assets, can be forced to full screen, they can also be videos.