EpicTable 1 & 2


Cursory Update February 2020: Last Media update October 20191, favourable review(2017-11-27) at RPGGeek. Seems to have moved over to develop EpicTable 2.

EpicTable is a virtual tabletop (sometimes referred to as a “VTT”) that allows you and your friends to play your favorite pen-and-paper roleplaying games, regardless of whether you’re sitting across the table or across the world from one another.

EpicTable is not a game; it’s a tool used for playing a game. You still need the rulebooks and other resources for the game you’re playing. EpicTable just replaces some of the physical trappings of roleplaying game–the battlemap and miniatures, the character sheet, handouts, etc. If you’re playing with friends on the internet, you need something that can fulfill these functions (thus the many VTs currently on the market).

Even if you’re playing face-to-face, EpicTable is beneficial in that the GM can offload some of the combat bookkeeping on to EpicTable, and maps and handouts can be shown using a projector or LCD. It’s very beneficial having a map that you don’t have to progressively draw or reveal as the characters explore.

Available free or $59.95


  • Windows only



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