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Astral was partnered with OneBookShelf (OBS), the parent company that owns DriveThruRPG. After OBS announced its merger with Roll20 in July 2022 it became clear that Astral’s fate was well and truly sealed.

FoundryVTT v10
MrBrentRogersMrBrentRogers 26 Sep 2022 16:10
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FoundryVTT V10 was released August 31, 2022 - and still in very active development

License cost is $50 USD, one time purchase

FoundryVTT v10 by MrBrentRogersMrBrentRogers, 26 Sep 2022 16:10

The project was released by the developers and the community took over.

You can find the new community edition here: https github(dot)com/ndo360/JParanoiaRPG

SceneGrinder is an immersive 3D Virtual Tabletop (VTT) with unique features, like first person point-of-view and interactive NPC's that you create. Our system is 100% browser-based, with no application to download or server to set up. Runs on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets.

SceneGrinder is the only VTT that enables you to build a world where your players can login 24/7 and play with or without a GM.

Over the last six months, test groups have logged hundreds of hours on SceneGrinder, helping us to iron out the core features.

The product is in Kickstarter pre-launch.

Visit r/scenegrinder for details and site information.

FoundryVTT full release was June 23, 2020 - Still in active development
License cost is $50 USD, one time purchase

FoundryVTT Release by MrBrentRogersMrBrentRogers, 25 Aug 2020 21:02

There have now been three updates this month, including free tokens and a new die-rolling feature for Modiphius' 2D20 system. I think this VTT should be moved to Actively Developed.

Still alive in April 2020 by FatmessiahFatmessiah, 03 May 2020 00:11

Development may have halted, but there's a "service outage" note on the site as of 2020-03-29. So someone's at least keeping it running in maintenance mode.

Alive as of March 2020 by FatmessiahFatmessiah, 30 Mar 2020 03:43

I wanted to add a link to

How do I edit the sidebar? by itsjohncsitsjohncs, 16 Mar 2020 19:25

Added page for this new VTT, along with links in the sidebar.

New addition Let's Role by KeikakuKeikaku, 12 Feb 2020 09:41

The Fantasy Grounds Unity beta began on October 29, 2019. There are 8500 beta testers (those that backed the Kickstarter), and there were a dozen or so of us on the alpha team (higher Kickstarter backers).

It's all very exciting with the addition of dynamic lighting and in-game map-making on the fly. There are MANY more new features.

The scheduled release is year's end.

For more info, drop by their forums or Discord server.

fantasygrounds DOT com

TokenTool is a few token maker available on the web site. You simply drag an image into TokenTool then select a framing element.

New Release
rkatheyrkathey 20 Mar 2019 17:39
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RPTools released MapTool 1.5. It now has bundled Java so most of the Java version/updates should be solved. The release includes Hero Lab and PDF integration, a new Macro editor with syntax highlighting and code completion, terrain modifiers, and Draw Explorer enhancements. The new release does limit movement based on Vision Blocking Layer (VBL) and Terrain Modifiers.

The announcement post on their site details the new functionality.

They added a Discord Server to help with live support.

New Release by rkatheyrkathey, 20 Mar 2019 17:39

Much appreciated!

Re: RPG VT Suggestions by imetatrollimetatroll, 09 Feb 2019 23:52

I'll add it in the coming week.

Re: RPG VT Suggestions by KeikakuKeikaku, 24 Jan 2019 19:18

I am working on a vtt at The site is still in beta, but I would appreciate it if you could add something to the wiki.

While there is yet much to do the following basic features are in place:

  • Game creation with full support for video/text chat.
  • Map editing with unique terrain pixel art that provides three levels of depth.
  • Drag and drop creatures and structures.
  • Hundreds of beautifully recreated pixel art monsters, creatures, humanoids (etc) as outlined by the 5E SRD.
  • The entire 5E ruleset is fully searchable. Add spells to your character with a single click.
  • Tablet support to some degree, though this does need a lot of work still.
  • And more…
Re: RPG VT Suggestions by imetatrollimetatroll, 23 Jan 2019 12:03

Skirmish have been added some time ago

Re: RPG VT Suggestions by KeikakuKeikaku, 28 Oct 2018 14:19

Still sounds about right.

Re: "Actively Developed"? by KeikakuKeikaku, 28 Oct 2018 14:13

I've added and updated 90% to get it more up to date orver the last half a year, but there are still much to be added, here is to-do list I created.

Re: Adding Content by KeikakuKeikaku, 28 Oct 2018 14:11

I've updated the info above to reflect recent permanent price drops for all BRPG licenses.

by herucaheruca, 27 Sep 2018 11:29
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