Seems dated, last version from 2011, can't be downloaded from their page, likely defunct

kLoOge.Werks brings all the best parts of tabletop role-playing to the computer, breaking geographical barriers by allowing you to play over the Internet or LAN. It keeps track of character stats, modifiers, dice, combat and even has a configurable game calendar with time, date and weather conditions.

Chat text, grids, sounds, visual effects and much more are at your fingertips. Since kLoOge.Werks is game system neutral you can play just about any game you like: 6, 10, 20 sided dice or any variety you can
imagine. Game system definitions are kept in text files you can download to make your game play exactly the way you want.

You can use any type of image to represent your characters and maps. Scan, download, draw or render your images, then bring them into kLoOge.Werks where you can set accurate scale so every attack and move can be controlled. You can also import character data from popular character generators.



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