Let's Role

A new browser-based VTT that was announced in 2019. The VTT's development was started in January 2019, and in October 2019 had a closed Alpha in french1. It's browser-based.

In February 2020 the second alpha was launched for both English and French speakers.


  • Interface - elements can be moved around
  • Journal - can use text, pictures, pdfs, same note can be edited by multiple users simultaneous
  • Quickbar - drag-n-drop actions to customizable quickbar
  • Video Video Background
  • Music integrated youtube listening
  • Craft Feature that allows GM to quickly create NPC
  • Drawing Multiple drawing tools, add texture to shapes
  • Chat emojis, link elements from char sheet, private chat with individual


  • Spring/Summer 2020: Kickstarter Campaign
  • Autumn 2020: Open Beta
  • 2021: Official Launch



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