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Cursory Update 2019: Development seems discontinued, no community found, no written info anywhere in general. Last homepage/youtube update is from November 2017.

BattleBox3D gives you tools that overcome the obstacles presented by playing tabletop games like D&D and Warhammer over the internet. With BattleBox3D you can have enjoy tabletop gaming experience without having to buy expensive software or learn complicated tools that have nothing to do with the game. Before 2014, vent under the name 3D Game Table.

It's simplistic philosophy is; Move, Measure, and Rotate [1]. It's meant to use as a virual 3D battlemap, with some base assets available by default, and options to import own 3D models and plans to have in-game store for buying more maps and models.

Made in Unity

Little to no info of the platform exists in text. To learn more, watch the developer's youtube page or download the game and hope for documentation.


Youtube Channel
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Facebook page (350 likes)

Google Drive link


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