Mythic Table

Mythic Table is a project that was started in January 20191, and aims to create a VTT that aims to create an experience that is as easy as possible for the GM and players.
Founder Marc Faulise formulated this as "Productivity is a huge motivator for us."2.

Mythic Table is Open Source3 and will be funded through optional subscription, while all features will stay free for all users.
There will be created a Kickstarter4 at some point to gain the necessary funds to reach the initial release.

When asked on Mythic Table's subreddit, a first playable demo is considered to be "definitely a few months away"5 by a community member(November 20th 2019).

The plan is to create a Kickstarter when the community have 6000 engaging members.6

Release 1.0 Aim

The following is a list of features taken directly from Mythic Table's homepage.

GM Tools

  • Auto Resolution
  • Streamlined content and asset management
  • Undo and redo functionality
  • Import/Export/Share content like finished maps, custom monsters even full campaigns


  • Square, hex and no grid
  • Panning, zooming, multiple layers, animation, line of sight, lighting
  • Multiple map management
  • Composite maps


  • Flexible data model
  • Multiple portraits
  • Permissions and ownership
  • Expressive Tokens with UI that reflects effects, health, ownership, etc
  • Action System
  • Inventory
  • Modifiers – Fully function buff/debuff system
  • Notes, Bios, etc


  • Stats – size, weight
  • Conditions
  • Modifiers
  • Custom Actions

Chat (Text only. Audio and video will be available in later releases)
Dice Rolling
Activity Tracker

  • Review and search activity
  • Undo/redo actions
  • Hidden activity via permissions model


  • Initiative Systems
  • Combat actions like Attacks and some spells
  • Auto action resolution
  • In frame feedback – All actions and results must be expressed on the game board and not in secondary windows like chat, dice logs or whatever.

Game System resources

  • Rules
  • Monsters
  • Items
  • Classes
  • Spells
  • Skills

Mentioned stretch goals

  • Marketplace (art assets)7


  • Free, All features8
  • Subscription Optional, to support development



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