Mythic Table

Mythic Table is a project that was started in January 20191, to deliver a quality, easy-to-use VTT that is flexible enough to cater to all your gaming needs. In partnership with World Anvil, and the Open Gaming Network, Mythic Table is expanding its functionality to provide game masters and homebrew creators a platform to buy and sell game assets.

Founder Marc Faulise formulated this as "Productivity is a huge motivator for us."2.

Mythic Table is Open Source3 and will be funded through Patreon, Kickstarter campaigns, and other methods, while all features will stay free to play for all users. No subscriptions. No restrictions. The project can be found on Gitlab.

A usable First Playable was release in late October of 2020 and has gone through several updates since. As of 4/1/2021, the First Playable has over 11,600 subscribed users and averages approximately 345 gamers per day.

Existing Functionality

  • Basic assets for out-of-the-box (ootb) playability - maps and characters.
  • Campaigns - Viewing, joining, adding, editing, and removing campaigns
  • Dice - Rolling, chat, security, rendering, persistence, etc
  • User - Registration, login, authentication, guest users, and profiles
  • Maps - Viewing, adding, editing, deleting, and more
  • Smooth interface - User experience process, UI iterations, and user interviews
  • Character - Viewing, adding, editing, deleting, frame, moving persistence, and more.
  • Custom Macro bar


The first Kickstarter for Mythic Table opened on March 30th, 2021.
Main Goals - Sharing

  • GM only tools
  • UI Redesign
  • Token visibility
  • Map Improvements
  • Object Improvements
  • Tagging system for assets
  • Sharing
  • Searching
  • Rating

Stretch 1 Goals - Marketplace4

  • Account connection with OGN
  • Integrate marketplace into search
  • Rapid purchase flow
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Creator workflow
  • Admin workflow

Stretch 2 Goals - Integration (World Anvil)

  • Account binding
  • Import campaigns
  • Import maps

Stretch 3 Goals - Gameplay

  • Lighting, walls and vision
  • Dice improvements
  • Measurement (ruler)
  • Hex Grids
  • Doors and windows
  • Restricted movement
  • Multi-level maps
  • Token improvements

Release 1.0 Aim

The following is a list of features taken directly from Mythic Table's homepage.

GM Tools

  • Auto Resolution
  • Streamlined content and asset management
  • Undo and redo functionality
  • Import/Export/Share content like finished maps, custom monsters even full campaigns


  • Square, hex and no grid
  • Panning, zooming, multiple layers, animation, line of sight, lighting
  • Multiple map management
  • Composite maps


  • Flexible data model
  • Multiple portraits
  • Permissions and ownership
  • Expressive Tokens with UI that reflects effects, health, ownership, etc
  • Action System
  • Inventory
  • Modifiers – Fully function buff/debuff system
  • Notes, Bios, etc


  • Stats – size, weight
  • Conditions
  • Modifiers
  • Custom Actions

Chat (Text only. Audio and video will be available in later releases)
Dice Rolling
Activity Tracker

  • Review and search activity
  • Undo/redo actions
  • Hidden activity via permissions model


  • Initiative Systems
  • Combat actions like Attacks and some spells
  • Auto action resolution
  • In frame feedback – All actions and results must be expressed on the game board and not in secondary windows like chat, dice logs or whatever.

Game System resources

  • Rules
  • Monsters
  • Items
  • Classes
  • Spells
  • Skills


  • Free, All features5
  • Patreon - Helps support infrastructure costs.



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