ScenGrinder (Defunct)

Cursory Update 2018: Site went defunct little after 2011-09, no mentions found elsewhere of site

Web Archive link to homepage 2011

SceneGrinder™ is a Virtual Table Top for hosting role playing games.
Your game is always available and always running… no need for special software or downloads. SceneGrinder™ works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.

With real-time lights and dynamic point of view (walls that actually block what players can see) your scenarios are brought to a whole new level. Each game gets its own wiki and forum.
SceneGrinder™ is NOT targetted at a specific gaming system, such as Dungeons & Dragons® or d20®, but instead allows you to configure your campaign rules right online for any RPG or FRPG. You may also borrow and adapt rules from other members.
SceneGrinder™… "May your game never end."


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