Tabletop Forge(Merged to Roll20)

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Merged with Roll20 in january 2013, had over 12k gamers in their G+ circles, completed a 50k $ Kickstarter at some point prior.

Tabletop Forge was a virtual tabletop for use with a Google+ Hangout. With use of the application you where able to play tabletop roleplaying games on top of the excellent video and audio chat platform that Google provides.

The current list of features are as follows (features with a * are currently being tested):


  • UI flexibility. Most of the widgets in the application are both resizable and movable so you can layout things as you like them on your monitor.
  • Resizable and movable video canvas. This let you see whoever is actively speaking and you can place it wherever you want and resize it.
  • Windows can be minimized to bottom of screen or the title bar can be double-clicked to collapse the window.
  • Theming support. A dropdown menu of various themes to change the color and style layout of the text and widgets.
  • Map state, dice macros, combat tracker, and basic character info can be saved to the Google App Engine cloud and restored again in a later Hangout.


  • Integrated chat system that supports regular text chat, whispering, emotes, and slash commands for rolling dice or recalling a dice maco.


  • Built-in buttons for d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d100 with graphical dice icons for easy reading.
  • Die parser that handles multiple die types in one line, +/- modifiers, and Fudge dice.
  • Dice macros that can be saved and tagged with a description for easy re-rolling.
  • Supports dice tagging like [war] or [doom] to break out dice. Also can add an overall description by preceding roll with a colon.
  • Supports dragging and dropping the results to re-arrange and also a right-click menu option to sort ascending or descending (or back to roll order).
  • Supports double-clicking dice to remove or add them to the calculated total. Menu options also available for removing all dice/adding all dice to the total.
  • Support for both dice pool systems with a target number (WoD, Shadowrun, etc.) and exploding dice (aka open-ended dice).

Combat tracker

  • Shared combat tracker that includes name, initiative, and notes. Easy to add/update entries and sortable by any column.

Battle map

  • Can load background images and tile/enforce aspect ratio as well as resize and position.
  • Can add tokens including a default that is the image of your Google+ image. Able to resize, move, rotate and lock tokens, options available from a right-click menu. Locking tokens lets you use larger “tiles” as tokens to be able to build maps on the fly.
  • Resizable grid overlay that includes adjusting the width of the grid lines, color of the grid lines, and opacity of the grid.
  • Support for both square and hex grids. Tokens snap to grid (square and hex) when turned on.
  • Drawing tools to let you free draw and includes adjusting the width and color of pen as well as undo and redo of strokes.
  • Map pointer that shows your name (or character name) when you alt+left-click and drag an arrow. Useful for highlighting targets or points of interest.
  • Local files can be used for map images and token images (Chrome/Firefox only for now).
  • Character Sheets
  • Basic character sheet functionality to allow you to put in a character name (which is used for dice roller and map pointer), a token link (used for Add Token option on map), a character sheet link, and shared notes section.

Fun stuff

  • You can choose an image (and scale it) to serve as an overlay to your video feed. This utilizes facial recognition and will move around with you so it resembles a mask. Great for character portraits or the DM putting on masks to represent various NPCs.