Summary of number of VTTs (2021,Incomplete)

Wanting to try RPGs, Virtual Tabletop style? Below are some VT software packages currently available. All VTTs on this wikia haven't been added to this overview yet, for a full list on the wiki, see here If you know of any not listed below please create a page for them or contact me.

October 2018: There exists a handful of new VTTs that arent mentioned on the wiki, but here are a few links that lists/compares a few of them, hopefully me or someone will ad them here eventually.

  • a Doc comparing some VTTs by redditor by /u/po1tergeisha
  • List of VTTs & map tools by [[Battlegrounds RPG Edition]]. Honorable mentioning as they actually have a comprehensive list of alternatives/competitors to their own product, big plus for integrity.

Battlegrounds RPG Edition

Battlegrounds Demo
Battlegrounds GM Client
Battlegrounds Player Client**
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/NT/Vista/7/8/10
Macintosh OS X (only v10.1.5 through 10.6)
Development of v1.x has ended.
Last update: 1.9 - 17 Aug 2017


Trial License
Full License
Player License
Windows XP/Vista/7
OSX 10.4+
Actively Developed.
Last update: 3.7.2 - 24 Dec 2017


Beta Full License Free or 59,95$ Windows Actively developed.
Last update: - 2018

Fantasy Grounds II

Fantasy Grounds Demo
Fantasy Grounds II Ultimate
Fantasy Grounds II Full
Fantasy Grounds II Lite
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 with DirectX 9.0 or better
Linux or Mac with Wine 1.1.28 (or higher) or other Wine based cross-platform software such as CrossOver Mac
Actively Developed.
Last update: 2017


MapTool Free OS Independent, written in Java Actively Developed.
Last update: 7 Jan 2018


OpenRPG Free OS Independent, written in Python Not developed.


Roll20 Free (Paid Options) OS Independent, browser based
For best results use Firefox or Chrome, can be played via Google Hangout, Flash required for native video chat.
In development.

Togetherness Table

Togetherness Table Free (Open Source) All platforms (web) Actively developed.
Last update: 2021


Rolisteam Free Software Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
and Mac
Actively Developed.
Last update: 2017

* Multiple purchase discounts apply.
** Floating licenses available.
*** 30 days.

Thanks to heruca, the developer of Battlegrounds, for maintaining an excellent list of VTs, which has been used to assist in producing the above list.


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